“Passion, love and attention to details on every level stand out in all the projects.
The architecture is conceived as a tailored made-to-measure dress.”

The architect Marco Cajani has over forty years of experience on this territory and lots more to offer in terms of experience. He designed full-scale projects but also smaller ones, including the interior design and fit out.

In all the projects, you can identify the great attention in integrating the design with the surrounding environment and the study of the local habits make his project more appealing.

The architect Elsa Tessera matured a ten-year experience working for a well-known “milanese” architect studios. She did interior design, she worked on small structures projects and she worked on the “Concepts” for the big brands.

The love and the attention for the details as well as the “Modus Operandi” are the links for the collaboration between the architects Marco Cajani and Elsa Tessera. They confront their ideas coming from a different generation background and they put it together with the same intent.

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